Arizona RISE Program

Arizona RISE Program


200 West Court Street
Yuma, AZ 85364


928-783-4427   x3379


Embedded PHP – 16 beds
Outpatient – 8 patients


County of Yuma, Arizona and Yuma County Sheriff’s Office


The RISE Program (Restoring Individuals Safely and Effectively) administers forensic psychiatry services for the operation of a RISE program which includes compliance with County Rule 11 “Competency Evaluation and Restoration Program Procedures.” The Yuma RISE program, embedded in the detention center, is a treatment-intensive milieu-based model that quickly facilitates competency through group and individual therapy and intensive medication treatment. The Yuma RISE Program, outpatient, is a treatment-intensive model which quickly facilitates competency through community-based collaboration, continuity of care and services, and the individuals’ compliance with programmatic elements.


The RISE Program embraces recovery-oriented, trauma-informed care for all patients. The recovery model promotes patient choice and tailors treatment to meet individual needs based on the assessments of a multi-disciplinary treatment team.


Competency restoration services for individuals found incompetent to stand trial, including assessment, individualized treatment planning, psychiatric evaluation and treatment, medication monitoring, psychological services, peer support and discharge planning.

Significant Achievements:

  • First jail-based capacity restoration in-custody and outpatient restoration program in the State of Arizona
  • Program started in November of 2013


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