Recovery Solutions provides specialized treatment programs to court-ordered patients who lack the legal capacity to participate in their legal proceedings. We provide both inpatient and in-custody restoration programs that include an array of services, including psychiatric care, individual and group counseling, substance abuse treatment, psychoeducation and targeted case management. These programs allow clinical care to be provided in the most responsive setting, reduce unnecessary admissions to state psychiatric hospitals, and provide greater access to treatment.

Acuity for Patient Population

Inpatient Restoration Programs

Bridgewater State Hospital

Maple Lane Competency Restoration Program

Montgomery County Mental Health Treatment Facility

South Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center

Treasure Coast Forensic Treatment Center

In-Custody Restoration Programs

California Early Access and Stabilization Services

California RISE Programs

Colorado RISE Programs

Georgia RISE Programs

Kern County AES Center

North Carolina RISE Programs


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Our care philosophy and background

Since our inception, we have embraced the recovery model, an evidence-based, patient-centered model of therapeutic intervention that promotes patient empowerment, independence, and self-sufficiency as integral aspects of treatment.