Our Team

Recovery Solutions is led by a dedicated team of healthcare professionals with expertise in mental health and psychiatric care, competency restoration, discharge planning, co-occurring substance use disorders, general healthcare, facility maintenance, patient safety, food service, nursing, social work, pharmacy, facility design, utilization management, and all aspects of facility management. Today, Recovery Solutions provides treatment and care for ~ 3,000 patients in 10 states.
Jeremy Barr


Teresa Koeberlein

Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Andrew Hoffman

Chief Financial Officer

Cassandra NewKirk

Chief Clinical Officer

Karen Galin

Senior Vice President, Mental Health

Kathy O’Neill

Senior Vice President, Operations – East

Kristin Allred

Senior Vice President, Operations – West

Kerry Mangold

Vice President of Operations – Shared Services

Jennifer Diaz, CCHP

Vice President of Operations – PHP/OP

Donald Sawyer

Vice President of Operations – IP/RTF