Recovery Solutions is the premier provider of localized, high-quality, compassionate care to vulnerable patients in challenging clinical environments. We deliver medical and mental healthcare through a family of local and state providers in inpatient and residential treatment facilities, embedded partial hospitalization and outpatient programs, and other specialized programs nationwide.

Recovery Solutions employs nearly 4,000 professionals at 70+ facilities in 10 states across America and cares for approximately 3,000 patients each day. All three divisions share a common goal: to provide high-quality, compassionate medical and mental healthcare services to those who need it most.

Inpatient and Residential Treatment Facilities

Recovery Solutions partners with state agencies to provide psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, and other specialized programs nationwide for civil, forensic, adult, geriatric and other specialized populations. We have been at the center of systematic transformation, offering high-quality, cost- effective services, with state-of-the-art designs, innovative programs, and groundbreaking treatment approaches.


We began providing competency restoration treatment more than 15 years ago in state hospital settings. Recognizing the shortage of inpatient resources for this population, we developed our RISE (Restoring Individual Safety and Effectively) Program nearly 10 years ago to adapt our competency restoration programming into local detention centers, increasing access to care and reducing wait times for program placement.

Community Based Services

Licensed as Mental Health Rehabilitation Centers, Alpine and Harborview Special Treatments Centers are two of the largest and most respected long term treatment facilities in Southern California. For over 40 years, we have demonstrated success in helping clients achieve stabilization from acute psychiatric symptoms or chronic severe mental illness and bring forth meaningful change to their lives. Our mission is to provide individualized long term solutions for mental wellness within the communities we serve.


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