INPATIENT and Residential Treatment FACILITIES

Recovery Solutions partners with state agencies to operate psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, and other specialized programs nationwide for civil, forensic, adult, and geriatric populations. We have been at the center of systematic transformation, offering high-quality, cost- effective services, with state-of-the-art designs, innovative programs, and groundbreaking treatment approaches.

Civil Mental Health

Alpine Special Treatment Center

Harborview Special Treatment Center

South Florida State Hospital

Forensic Mental Health

Bridgewater State Hospital

Columbia Regional Care Center

Montgomery County Mental Health Treatment Facility

South Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center

Treasure Coast Forensic Treatment Center

Specialized Populations

Florida Civil Commitment Center

Massachusetts Alcohol & Substance Abuse Center

South Carolina SVPTP


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Our care philosophy and background

Since our inception, we have embraced the recovery model, an evidence-based, patient-centered model of therapeutic intervention that promotes patient empowerment, independence, and self-sufficiency as integral aspects of treatment.