From top to bottom, we are a company of caregivers.

Everything we do is designed to positively impact lives and support the communities we serve.

Recovery Solutions began with the idea that people facing mental illness can and do recover.

At our facilities patients come first. We provide high-quality care to an often overlooked population. We are transforming both private and public behavioral healthcare by delivering individualized, evidence-based care to those who need it most. We treat our patients with the dignity and compassion they deserve, because we care about them as human beings.

We also care about the heartbeat of our company — our amazing doctors, nurses, mental health providers, clinicians, direct care, and support staff answer the call to help the underserved every day.

We value the relationships we have with our client partners because they join us in our mission to improve the life of every patient we treat.

We will continue to create healthier communities — wherever we go, wherever we grow — one patient at a time.

Our Mission

To deliver the highest
quality evidence-based, individualized healthcare for patients whose needs are unmet by traditional
fee-for-service mental
health providers .

Our Vision

To transform patient lives
and our communities through public and private health partnerships.

Our Values

Hard Work

Our Why

We believe everyone deserves to live their highest quality of life. We support this by addressing the needs of the underserved, advocating for the destigmatization of mental illness, and serving our communities.

Our Mantra “Everyone Deserves Care”

Mental health can affect us all. We believe that everyone deserves a chance at recovery from psychiatric illness. Our doctors, nurses, and clinicians all work together, in diverse environments, to give everyone the opportunity to heal. This mantra is not just a set of words but a guiding principle that we live everyday for our patients, employees and partners.

Everything we do is about taking care of people.

Taking Care of Our Patients.

For over thirty years, we have provided “patients-first” compassionate care to the thousands of patients we have treated in the facilities we operate. Our solutions deliver a unique and integrated approach of medical and behavioral services that optimizes on-site care and covers a wide range of specialties. Our commitment to this approach means we have the right doctors, nurses, mental health providers and other clinical staff, with the right training on hand when a patient is in need.

Taking Care of Our People.

We hire and retain great people. At Recovery Solutions we are so much more than just a dedicated staff of thousands of nationwide healthcare professionals. We are a family. We hire well, train well and treat our people well. Our many long-term employees are a testament to our unmatched warm and friendly culture, and the fact that we place great value on our people.

Taking Care of Our Partners.

Our customer satisfaction is without parallel, and our partners are not just satisfied, but enthusiastic supporters and references. Our keen understanding of specific state and local needs helps us recognize what it takes to bring a quality program to a facility. We design custom solutions that cater to the unique needs of your facility including the patient population, culture and community standards of care.