California RISE Programs

California RISE Programs


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California Department of State Hospitals and 15 County Sheriff’s Offices


Recovery Solutions provides specialized treatment programs to court-ordered patients who lack the legal capacity to participate in their legal proceedings. We provide both inpatient and in-custody restoration programs that include an array of services, including psychiatric care, individual and group counseling, substance abuse treatment, psychoeducation and targeted case management. These programs allow clinical care to be provided in the most responsive setting, reduce unnecessary admissions to state psychiatric hospitals, and provide greater access to treatment.


The RISE Program embraces recovery-oriented, trauma-informed care for all patients. The recovery model promotes patient choice and tailors treatment to meet individual needs based on the assessments of a multi-disciplinary treatment team.


Competency restoration services for individual found incompetent to stand trial, including assessment, individualized treatment planning, psychiatric evaluation and treatment, medication monitoring, psychological services, peer support and discharge planning.

Significant Achievements:

  • Average Time to Admission (days) CY 2022 = 89 CY 2021 = 107
  • DSH Systemwide ISTs, Average Time to Admission (days) CY 2022 = 107 CY 2021 = 124
  • Average Length of Treatment till Restoration (days) CY 2022 = 64 CY 2021 = 58
  • Restoration Rate CY 2022 =  78% CY 2021 = 70%


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